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Funds raised by West Island Community Shares are distributed to West Island community groups that offer vital services in 9 important sectors :


Accompagnement bénévoles de l'Ouest-de-l'île (ABO). Provides transportation and accompaniment to treatment for residents battling cancer or other critical illnesses who have no other means of transportation.
Telephone: (514) 694-3838
Web Site:

Venturing Out Beyond Our Cancer (VOBOC)  is dedicated to easing the cancer journey for adolescents and young adults undergoing cancer treatment by granting special requests.
Telephone: 514-695-9292
WEb Site: 

West Island Cancer Wellness Centre offers a whole-person approach to cancer care focusing on the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and educational needs of those experiencing cancer.
Telephone:  514-695-WELL (9355)
Web SIte:


Action Jeunesse de l'Ouest-de-l'île (AJOI) - AJOI Street workers offer on-the-spot intervention services for teens in trouble. The workers encourage teenagers to discover and develop alternatives to the streets and provide them with the opportunity to speak about their needs.
Telephone (514) 675-4450
Web Site:

AMCAL Family Services provides a residence for teens in crisis and counseling services to their family members. The organization offers supervised visits program, school-based programs as well as community programs.
Telephone: 514-694-3161
Web Site:

Big Sisters and Big Brothers of West Island - Over the past 30 years, Big Brothers and Big Sisters have provided responsible adult guidance to children through quality Mentoring and In-School programs. They recruit, train and match volunteers with children and support them professionally in their search for a full and happy life.
Telephone: (514) 538-6100
Web Site:

Carrefour des 6-12 ans provides educational support to at-risk children from low-income families.
Telephone: 514-685-9598

Cloverdale Multi-Ressources Family Centre encourages children and families from the Coverdale area and its surroundings who often live in difficult conditions to get involved with each other, to improve and maintain their well-being through various services such as animation, prevention, education and entertainment.
Telephone: 514-684-8228
Web Site 

Club des petits déjeuners (West Island) - Does its utmost to ensure that every child receives two elements required for learning:  a nutritious breakfast and a nourishing environment.  The funding from Community Shares will be used to open a club at Harfang-des-Neiges school in Pierrefonds.

De-Zone Offers a safe environment where youth between the ages of 12 and 17 can talk with youth workers, get homework help, take music and art classes and meet new people.
Telephone: (514) 630-9622, ext. 5208

Leave Out ViolencE LOVE offers youth the support and skills they need to reject negative behavior and to replace aggression with more constructive ways to be seen and heard. LOVE’s unique approach of youth reaching out to youth has impacted the lives of thousands of young people across the country and hundreds right here in the West Island.
Telephone: (514) 938-0006
Web Site:

Les Maisons des Jeunes de Pierrefonds and A-Ma-Baie provide activities, resources and a safe haven for at-risk youth.
Telephone: 514-683-4164
Web Site:

LGBTQ Youth Centre Provides a welcoming environment where young people questioning their sexual identity can easily and safely go to meet, talk, ask questions, develop relationships, and understand themselves. Web Site:

Pierrefonds Community Project provides services for children of low-income and immigrant families, and assists young mothers coping with raising children.
Telephone: 514-684-5995


Concertation de l'Ouest-de-l'Île  (CODI) supports collective action by encouraging information exchange, mobilizing interested parties and introducing actions that support community development in the West Island. CODI facilitates the involvement of all key stakeholders in addressing the community’s cross-regional issues.
Telephone: 514-694-6404
Web Site:

Literacy Unlimited is dedicated to changing lives through improved adult literacy.
Telephone:  514-694-0007
Web Site:

West Island Community Resource Centre is a bilingual referral service that offers valuable health and social services information.
Telephone: 514-694-6404
Web Site:


Ecomuseum Zoo - Visitors will discover more than 115 species of live animals from Quebec in a natural settings. Teaches children and adults the importance of protecting the local environment and wildlife. Offers a large variety of activities on-site and off-site.
Telephone: (514) 457-9449
Web Site:

West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra offers young musicians aged 8 to 25 in the West Island the opportunity to develop skills, discipline, a sense of teamwork and a deeper understanding of music.
Telephone: (514) 658-1630
Web Site:


Bread Basket Lac St-Louis operates a set of initiatives under the name of Project Delmar in the community of Delmar, Pointe-Claire.  The priority initiatives are to address food security with programs that provide access to healthy, fresh foods, social development issues such as environmental concerns and social housing and to encourage and support a resident's committee.

On Rock Community Services offers a food bank, a school lunch service and a community diner to families in need.
Telephone: (514) 696-1905
Web Site:

West Island Assistance Fund dispenses food and clothing to families in need and offers free summer camp experience for under-privileged children living in the West Island.
Telephone: 514-683-0456

West Island Mission provides food assistance and a popular “Back to School Backpack” program for the less fortunate living in the West Island of Montreal.
Telephone: (514) 912-6813
Web Site:


AWISH (Arthritis West Island Self Help Association) provides information, education, support and an exercise program to West Islanders affected by arthritis.
Telephone: 514-631-3288
Web Site:

Portage (West Island Program) provides specialized drug addiction rehabilitation programs for young substance abusers. Portage also helps residents acquire the self-awareness and the competencies they need to overcome drug addiction and go on to lead healthy, productive, drug-free lives.
Web Site:

Project Cumulus
Offers a substance abuse prevention program in schools and in the community for 12-30 year olds

West Island CALACS offers help to women who have been the victims of sexual assault, as well as programs for the prevention of sexual assault. CALACS is the only service in the West Island to offer these services to women 14 years and older.
Telephone: (514) 684-2198
Web Site:


ANEB Quebec (Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia) helps West Island residents whose lives have been affected by an eating disorder and their families.
Telephone: 514-630-0907
Web Site:

Centre Bienvenue provides support and psychosocial services in the community, and work reintegration programs to improve acceptance of mental illness and contribute actively to society.
Telephone: 514-421-2212
Web Site:

Family Resource Center - The Family Resource Center works to support youth (ages 5-25), their parents and professionals affected by mental health issues such as learning disabilities, social skills and behavioral struggles. Individualized and specialized services include: social & study skills programs, counseling, parent support groups, professional workshops and referrals. No client is turned away due to financial difficulties.
Telephone: (514) 685-5912
Web Site:

L'Équipe Entreprise provides work activities that assist West Islanders living with a mental illness.
Telephone:  514-636-1081 

Friends for Mental Health (West Island) provides crucial support, counseling and respite services to families coping with the mental illness of a loved one.
Telephone: 514-636-6885

Omega Day Centre located in Dorval and open on weekdays and Saturdays is run by West Island Council for Psychiatric Needs Inc.  It assists adults with mental health problems residing in the West Island.  The Saturday program offers clients support and follow-up while encouraging improvement of their self-esteem and autonomy.
Telephone:  514-631-2760 

Community Perspective in Mental Health Dedicated to helping people with mental health problems achieve their fullest potential. Through a personalized relationship founded on mutual respect and trust, individuals receive the support they need to improve their quality of life.
Web site:



Association québécoise de la voile adaptée makes it possible for those suffering from severe physical or sensory handicaps to improve their quality of life and integration into the community by learning to sail autonomously.

Telephone: (438) 395-5362
Web Site: 

AVATIL aims to identify and serve individuals who have need for residential assistance, community support, social development and vocational services. AVATIL has more recently implemented adolescent intervention programs to identify the teens at risk and provide early support. Parent groups and summer adolescent programs have also been undertaken.

Telephone: (514) 634-8944
Web Site:

Light A Dream Provides young adults with special needs the opportunity to experience and learn in a productive business environment while providing the community with quality products and services.  The program promotes their understanding of various business and economic principles, while enhancing their social, interpersonal, decision making and leadership skills.
Telephone: 514-636-9966
Web SIte:

WIAIH (West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped) provides  pre-school, recreational, residential and respite services to people with intellectual handicaps and autism and support to their families.
Telephone: 514-694-7090
Web Site: 


Volunteer West Island is the only volunteer recruitment centre in the West Island and has, since 1967, recruited more than 16,000 volunteers for over 100 organizations. In addition, Volunteer West Island offers both outreach and on-site programs and services aimed at breaking the isolation seniors often face and helping them remain in their own homes, enjoying as high a quality of life and autonomy as possible.
Telephone: 514-457-5445
Web Site:

West Island Citizen Advocacy matches West Island residents who need help with volunteer advocates who provide emotional, practical or social support.
Telephone: (514) 694-5850 / (514) 631-9151
Web Site:

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